Allstate Plan Enhancers

Allstate offers some great supplemental plans to help off-set the cost of your deductible and subsequent out of pocket cost for accident and sickness related hospital stays with a lump sum payment made directly to you.  Allstate offers both underwritten options with benefit levels ranging from $2500 – $17,500 and also guaranteed issue plans with a $10,000 benefit level.

The underwritten plans now offer “disappearing deductibles” meaning that over time your deductible will decrease.  The 1st year it is $250, the 2nd year it is $150 and the 3rd year, and beyond, is $0.  There are also increased benefits amounts for ambulance services and durable medical equipment, making this a supplement that will grow with you over time.

Being that a lot of private plans offer higher deductibles these supplements are a viable solution to help patients receive the care they need without having to pay the high deductible out of their pocket directly.

Premiums vary based on benefit level selected and based on underwriting.  Plans do renew annually without additional underwriting needed, as long as no claims have been made on plan.

For plan brochure, click here.

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