America’s Choice Health BCBS $7350 Plan

The America’s Choice Health Blue Cross Blue Shield $7350  plan is a major medical plan, within the BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD network.

It works as a traditional co-pay plan with $25 primary care visits and $40 specialist visits with a $7350 deductible (or $14,700 for a family) with 0% coinsurance.

Preventive care is generally covered by this plan, if staying within network.

There are also good pharmacy benefits including $10 copay for generics, $45 copay for preferred and $100 copay for non-preferred, and even some specialty drugs included.  Along with generous testing benefits and mental health.

To help off-set the deductible cost there are supplemental plans, such as an accident plan from MedElite or a hospital plan from AllState.

This plan is great for those healthy individuals who are wanting a plan for “what if’s” of life.

For plan brochure click here


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