John Hancock – Simple Term

Quick & Easy

John Hancock offers a quick easy underwritten plan with face amounts up to $500,000.  Plans can be written for 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 year terms, giving you several options that could work for you.  To learn all the details follow the link here to the brochure.

Name Recognition

One of the best parts of these plans is the name attached to them.  John Hancock is a highly recognized and regarded life insurance company, which in turn can give you some added peace of mind that you are protected.  While nothing is guaranteed being with a company that has been around for so long does help ensure their stability.


Another HUGE benefit of going with John Hancock is your get perks of Vitality.

So what benefits are there?

  • Receive up to 15% in premium cash back each year for healthy choices
  • Get the latest in wearable technology
  • Savings at health food stores
  • Travel discounts
  • and several more benefits

Check out the brochure here for all the details

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