United CoPay Plan

The United CoPay Plan is one of the more traditional private insurance plans.  It is offered through United Healthcare, one of the largest healthcare insurance providers in the country and is a Nationwide PPO plan.

This plan does offer copay payments for Dr visits & Urgent Care visits.  There are 4 Dr visits allowed per person, per year and unlimited Urgent Care visits.  Well exams are not covered.

There are several deductible options, the most popular being $7500 with 80/20 coinsurance and $5000 Max Out-of-Pocket after deductible is met.  Deductible must be met for hospital stays.

To help off-set the deductible cost there are supplemental plans, such as an accident plan from MedElite or a hospital plan from National General.

This plan is great for those healthy individuals who are wanting a plan for “what if’s” of life.

For plan brochure click here

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