United Short Health Hospital & Surgical Plan

The United Health Insurance Hospital & Surgical plan is a true catastrophic plan.  It is offered through United Healthcare, one of the largest healthcare insurance providers in the country and is a Nationwide PPO plan.

This plan does NOT have Dr visits coverage or prescription coverage. This is a plan built for those who are looking for a true catastrophic plan that will be there for the major “what if’s” of life.

There are several deductible options, the most popular being $5000 with 50/50 coinsurance and $10,000 Max Out-of-Pocket after deductible is met.  You pay 50%, up to $10,000, after deductible is met.

To help off-set the deductible cost there are supplemental plans, such as an accident plan from MedElite or a hospital plan from National General.

There is an additional supplement for only $6.50 that will give you access to unlimited Dr visits, but NO prescription coverage.

This plan is great for those healthy individuals who are wanting a catostrophic plan for “what if’s” of life.

For plan brochure click here


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